Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brighton, Colorado Senior Portraits, Alicia, Class of 2015

Alicia is one of our Senior Models and I am so excited to have her on board!  She is very outgoing and willing to do just about anything!  She has an amazing smile and can really pull off not smiling too.  I did her brother's Senior Pictures last year and I mentioned the modeling program to her then and she was excited about it.  I couldn't wait for it to start this year so I could do hers!  She had so many ideas and awesome smiles about it.  I couldn't wait!   Originally we were going to do her session in the same place we did her brother's, but they didn't get back to us in time.  Which is funny because where we did her pictures was where we were originally going to do her brothers. But because of the floods last year, the pond was under construction so we went to the golf course he played at.
All during Alicia's session, the sky was cloudy, not cloudy, cloudy and then it just stayed cloudy and we didn't see the sun anymore.  We were so lucky that it rained right before the session and then it started to rain on my way home.  So I won't complain too much about the clouds.
 I love the colors in these photographs!
We were at the Reunion Rec Center and they were nice enough to let us do some quick pool pictures.  The sun had been out right before went to the pool, but then it went behind the clouds.  I was bummed, I really wanted the water to be that awesome teal color.  Instead we had to improvise and do some playful splashing pictures!  Luckily she was willing to do such nonsense in her prom dress.

 I love this sweater!  What an awesome color!

 Alicia is on the Cheer team and an awesome jumper!  Whenever she would get to the top of her jump she would hover for just a second and then glide back down.  So of course, I had to ask her to redo the jump several times just to make sure.
 Even though I was a bit annoyed at Mother Nature's choice of weather, I was very grateful for these clouds!  They totally made these images so much more dramatic!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brighton Senior Photos, Brianna

I love this family!  I have done Senior Pictures, Weddings, Maternity and Baby pictures!  When
Brianna's mom called and said Brianna was going to be a Senior, I couldn't believe it!  It seems like she was just in 8th grade. 
She really wanted to do pictures near an abandoned building or house.  When I arrived at the building, I started to walk down the path and it started to rain, by the time I went back to the car to get the umbrella it was pouring rain. Luckily, it didn't rain long and it made all of the colors look fabulous!  But we did have to go into the building to get out of the rain for a bit.  It felt a little weird, obviously someone or someones live in there.  I was just hoping they didn't come home soon!

 I love the colors in this image!

 I was so excited!  Brianna wanted to do some cosplay pictures!  She did such a great job with her makeup and costume!  She even made the headband herself, it looked amazing!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thornton Family Portraits, Jennie, Jimmy and Brooklyn

These guys are just amazing!  They were so in love with each other and so in love with their little one!  I just couldn't help but smile being around them!
 Isn't she just adorable??  The best way to get her to smile was to play patty cake, she just lit up when her mom started singing the song.  It was adorable!

 So stinking cute!

 I love these!  They are just such a wonderfully loving couple!  I totally love it!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Brighton Portrait Photography, The K family

I have been trying so hard to catch up after my trip away to Delaware.  I haven't even had a chance to look at the pictures I took there and I've been back for almost 2 weeks!  I can't believe how quickly it has gone!  And then when we came home, I hit the ground running and now I have a long list of blogs and galleries to get done!  It is all quite exciting!  So here is the first!
These guys were amazing and fun!  I had a wonderful time climbing the rocks and hanging out with them!   Will, the little guy was quite skeptical about why he needed to be doing this.  I thought maybe I had figured him out when his mom told me he liked to be in charge.  After that it was easy peasy!  When I let him choose what we did, he was very agreeable!  However, when I asked him if he had fun, he said he had fun climbing on the rocks and standing in the water, but not really taking pictures.  I guess he is just a kid.  And kids are just honest.  And I had a fun time climbing on the rocks too...

 I love this one!  And Will set this one up! 
 This is by far my favorite!  I think this signifies that Will is going places!  Big, high in the sky places!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Personal, My youngest gets braces

My youngest is just a wee 10 years old and yesterday he had to get braces.  We knew he would have to get braces, just not so soon.  And he will have to get them again in about 3 years.  Lately, he has been costing a lot of money!  Little stinker!
Since I knew he was getting them soon and it was summer, I decided to photograph him eating the coveted caramel apple.  Little did I think that it would be so hot, it would be hard to eat without it dripping candy all over himself.  And since we were in a field of dirt and grass, he didn't finish the apple or even really make a dent in it.
I already miss those funny spaced teeth!

 His sister was so nice to help me with the photo shoot and was even nice enough to pose for about 30 seconds!  Totally LOVE these guys!!!
If you ever want to do a post braces shoot, let me know!  It was quite fun!  Now for more soft food.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Colorado Photography Musing

Yesterday, I was doing my yearly scoping out of competition - a dreaded event.  I feel like I am spying or invading their space!  I really just want to know where I stand against competition so I don't stagnate or charge too much or too little.  Anyway, one photographer had on her About Me page that she was the only photographer that was qualified to do your pictures.  Even against those other professional photographers that knew what they were doing, she was still better and nobody else should be trusted.  I don't want to be combative or defensive, I would just like to say what my personal view on that subject is - no one photographer can do everyone's pictures.  There are so many variables - personality, ability, style, passion, how they present the images, how they "see", what ages they click with, patience with people, imagination, growth, posing techniques and so many more.  But I cannot be everything to everyone and by doing so, I wouldn't be me. 

When I photograph, I bring me to the table too.  I bring my experience, my education, my imagination and sense of wonder, my appreciation of light, my sense of when brides or kiddos are getting stressed and my need to fix that stress.  I don't like too fashion-y images.  I don't like putting kids, teens or young adults in "sexy" poses.  I don't think it's cute, appropriate or socially responsible.  Some photographers do and they can do it with taste.  And that's ok, for them.  Sometimes I bring treats for the little ones.  I am not perfect for everyone.  My Aunt once asked me to do a Traditional Portrait of her.  I know what a Traditional Portrait is and I kind of find them boring and blah.  I did it and surprise, she didn't like it.  I love my Aunt, but I just didn't have my heart in creating that for her.  If I did, I would have paid more attention to how I positioned her, where her hands were, how her head was tilted.  But I just didn't "see" those things until after.  The one picture that I took that I loved, she hated.  It is simply a difference of preference.

I really caution people to think about what kind of photographer you want.  Your portraits or wedding pictures are not just about the images, but the experience you had with the photographer and creating them.  If you hire a photographer that is not patient with children and speaks harshly or curtly to them, it will show in your images.  If they are goofy with them, that will show too.  If your wedding photographer was in a hurry to get done with the formals and onto something else or just wanted to do formals and not any candids, is that really what you want?  You wouldn't go to the grocery store and always buy the cheapest bread or the most colorful packaged bread just because, you would buy upon your families preference toward taste or health.  When selecting a photographer you need to be even more discerning than selecting bread.  I get so many inquiries that turn me down the minute they hear the price.  They don't wait to hear how much packages are.  When I was doing my research yesterday, I was less expensive or the same than many when I factored in packages and sitting fees.  Many photographers didn't charge a sitting fee, but they charged a minimum product fee.  Even with that, I was less or about the same.  So doing your homework of the entire cost is a really good thing.  And then think about style, did you like the photographer?  Did they have professional equipment?  Did they have a portfolio that had more than one family or one wedding?  Did you like their images?  Did you like them??? These are all good things to think about.  If you felt like they were more in it for the money and less about the love of photography, maybe they are not the best photographer for you.  And maybe they are.  It all about preferences.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Denver, Co Wedding Photography, Rachel and James

I have been so excited for Rachel and James' wedding!  They are such a marvelous couple!  Their engagement session was the best and I just knew their wedding would be just as wonderful, loving and kindhearted!
It was the perfect day for a wedding, a little muggy, but not too hot.  And overcast.  Just the right kind, not too dark and a little bit of sun some of the times.  All of their guests were amazing and marvelous and loveable!  I wish I could do their wedding over and over again!
 Rachel was so great, jumping up and off of bed's to place the dress in just the right spot.  Fetching things and offering things, just to make sure that everyone had what they needed.  It was like she wasn't getting married or something!  I love when brides are so appreciative of the people around them!  It is very lovely!
 When Rachel and James first went out on a date and the date, time and place were decided upon, Rachel said 'then it's settled.'  It became a kind of mantra for them throughout the dating period and now beyond!  Rachel had it engraved in James' ring as a special wedding surprise.

 I love this image!
 Both of them writing their vows.  You would have never known they did it the morning of the wedding, they were both so eloquent and tender during the ceremony.


The dogs!  What fabulous dogs they are!
 Such a sweet picture of Magnus loving Mom now that she was here!
 It really does take a village!  Everyone participated in the ceremony, helped arrange where the ceremony would be and moved it just once.  James' parents performed the ceremony and said some just marvelous things about marriage and life together that almost made me cry.  I'm not really sure how James kept it together.

 Aren't they just lovely together???

And the kissing.  And kissing.  And more kissing.
 I was able to make it almost all the way around the Hoopa for just 1 kiss!  They will start teaching Wedding Ceremony Kissing 101 next week, followed by Public Affection, it's not all that bad 101.
 No comment (but you can guess because it is here on my blog, I like it!)


 Really love!
 Check out those socks!

 Love even more!

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