Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thornton, Colorado High School Senior Pictures, Kiara

I love how Kiara's pictures came out!  When we first met, she was ready to go.  There was very little warming up time.  So often it takes 10-15 minutes for someone to warm up to having their pictures taken - especially by yourself.  Kiara just jumped right in and we went!  I loved that she could smile and not smile and they both looked fabulous! 
Kiara brought a friend with her and it was awesome to hear them talk.  It wasn't all that mind blowing, just a glimpse into teenagers - I am sure a little watered down, I am an adult after all.  but, to be a teenager and have that wonder of the new world of adult hood as it opens up!  There is such new responsibilities and freedoms that become more and more a part of your everyday life, until they become boring and not noticed.  For the rest of the day, I noticed all the things that I take for granted, the things I couldn't wait to do as a young adult.  And yeah, being an adult can suck, but we all used to want to be here.  And it used to be fun!

 I love how the colors she picked worked together with the colors around her!  Even her hair looked awesome with the grasses and the trees.

 I love all these in the grass!  It was really hard not to just pick these!
 I just got some new Photoshop actions and I have been playing with them, but not really liking the results.  But I keep trying out all the different combinations hoping I will like something.  I think I finally found some!  I love the muted tones in these!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Brighton, Colorado High School Senior Portraits, Amalia

Amalia's senior pictures were filled with nice light, rain, her family and lots of laughter!  I have done some of her cousin's Senior Pictures and it is so awesome to still be involved with the same family!  And to see one of my Seniors again too!
When I arrived at our spot, it was sunny, but there were some clouds moving in.  I thought, we'll probably be okay.  5 minutes later it was pouring rain and we only had a few dry minutes in between rain storms.  But Amalia was great and decided to keep doing pictures, even when she was soaked.  We are going to do another mini-session with art supplies, I am really looking forward to that one too!
This first image I took with my iPhone.  I loved all her family support - and as you can see, it was quite fun!

 Here is Amalia dancing in the rain.  I am telling you, she was so awesome and willing to do just about anything!

 Her cousin knew of this wall where local graffiti artists come and take turns creating art work.  I totally loved it here!  I wish it was an entire alley!  The art work was great!

 I love these on the steps!  They were so much fun!

 There was this step....  Whatever bent it must have been quite a force!  A gentleman came out of his apartment to see what we were doing and the proceeded to tell us about the step.  He definitely wanted pictures of it!  So we did just that!  Amalia tried to make it look like she was the one that stomped on it and broke it, but with those heels and the height difference, it didn't quite work out.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Portrait Photography, my marvelous cousin and my trip to Delaware

Here are some images I took of my wonderful cousin and her family.  She lives in Delaware and it was such a joy to stay with her for a few weeks!  We had a marvelous time galavanting around Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland and maybe another state??  There are so many back there I can't keep it all straight. 
When we did these pictures, we went to Longwood Gardens, it was an absolutely beautiful place!  I would like to go back there and wander around sometime!  Obviously, not weekend.  But again sometime.


 It was so funny, Brianna didn't realize they were kissing and when she did, she was not really happy about it.  Blah!  Kissing!

 One day we went Cherry picking and had such a great time, although our feet looked like we had walked through blood...  Ewwww!
 Here are some images from Longwood, it was an amazing place!  Although, I felt very uncomfortable with their flagrant use of water.  Being from Colorado where water is such a contentious issue and not displayed so freely, I felt like I should tell someone.  What I would tell them, I don't know... But I felt like there were some laws being broken somewhere.  None of this water was keeping something alive, it was just for show.  Oh my!  Here, in Denver, most of our fountains have been turned off for years.  And I do love water, so it was wonderful to see such beautiful fountains.

 Here are Aidan and Brianna, getting along for a moment.  The next moment they were probably bickering about some strange thing.  And then getting along.  It is hard to live with someone else for so long and not bicker just a little.  Now that I think about it, I should have taken pictures of that....

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brighton, Colorado High School Senior Pictures, Connor

Connor is another our Senior Models and it was so awesome that he had access to a plane!  Well, actually planes.  And they were such marvelously beautiful planes.  A family friend was so wonderful to allow us to come and use them and cart them around for us.  I felt like a kid in a candy store with such cool things to take pictures of - which also included a Corvette, but there are only so many cool things I can show here. 
One of the things I love about High School Seniors is that they are so willing to do just about anything! And Connor was so amenable.  He is such a great kid and plans on going into aviation, so this was the perfect session for him!

 I love the black, red and white!

 I love all the colors on this plane!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brighton, Colorado Senior Portraits, Alicia, Class of 2015

Alicia is one of our Senior Models and I am so excited to have her on board!  She is very outgoing and willing to do just about anything!  She has an amazing smile and can really pull off not smiling too.  I did her brother's Senior Pictures last year and I mentioned the modeling program to her then and she was excited about it.  I couldn't wait for it to start this year so I could do hers!  She had so many ideas and awesome smiles about it.  I couldn't wait!   Originally we were going to do her session in the same place we did her brother's, but they didn't get back to us in time.  Which is funny because where we did her pictures was where we were originally going to do her brothers. But because of the floods last year, the pond was under construction so we went to the golf course he played at.
All during Alicia's session, the sky was cloudy, not cloudy, cloudy and then it just stayed cloudy and we didn't see the sun anymore.  We were so lucky that it rained right before the session and then it started to rain on my way home.  So I won't complain too much about the clouds.
 I love the colors in these photographs!
We were at the Reunion Rec Center and they were nice enough to let us do some quick pool pictures.  The sun had been out right before went to the pool, but then it went behind the clouds.  I was bummed, I really wanted the water to be that awesome teal color.  Instead we had to improvise and do some playful splashing pictures!  Luckily she was willing to do such nonsense in her prom dress.

 I love this sweater!  What an awesome color!

 Alicia is on the Cheer team and an awesome jumper!  Whenever she would get to the top of her jump she would hover for just a second and then glide back down.  So of course, I had to ask her to redo the jump several times just to make sure.
 Even though I was a bit annoyed at Mother Nature's choice of weather, I was very grateful for these clouds!  They totally made these images so much more dramatic!