Friday, November 14, 2014

Colorado Portrait Photography, mostly Corbin and some with his siblings

Here is a sneak peak of Corbin's 9 month pictures.  He has such an adorable smile!  Can make anyone's bad day better!  So cute!

 Corbin's mom really wanted the pictures to be mostly about Corbin, we try every time to do pictures with his older sister and brother.  And every time, Aiden runs off or squirms away.  But we keep trying.  And this is how it usually ends up - a rogue kiddo and 2 sitting nice kiddos.  But that's ok, that's how I get the best pictures of Aiden - as he runs away.
 This is one of my favorite images of Corbin!  Just look at those curls.
 Well, maybe this is one of my favorites!  I love this outfit! So very precious!
 This may be the second picture I have ever gotten of all three of them sitting together!  Success!  I am not going to say it's a great picture, but so on the way to being perfect! Yay!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brighton, Colorado High School Senior Pictures, Joy

I am sure Joy is wondering where her pictures are!  Her mom told me that she very different and had all these props she wanted to use.  I was so excited!  I love props!  All the props were very vintage and it got me to thinking about how to add a different element of vintage.  So, I brought a white sheet to hold up behind her and I was going to find a vintage street scene photograph at an Antique store.  Way easier thought than actually done.  I went to several Antique stores in Denver and couldn't find what I was looking for, I bought a few postcards, but no photographs.  Then I went to an Antique store in Lafayette where I knew they had a lot of photographs.  Turns out they were removed.  I bought a few postcards and few a Stereoscope images.  They didn't work out so well.  I went back and combed through everything again.  I found a photographic post card of The Piazzetta and that seems to have been the best one, but I keep thinking and looking.  As I was creating these images, I loved how some parts of the street scenes were on her dress, so I did one of Times Square on her dress and luggage.  I think I am going to play around with that some more, but I thought it best to get her blog up before she comes to look at the pictures today!  So here is Joy and some of my favorite pictures from her session.

 I love this image!  The rays of light were so cool!

 These were so much fun!
 Joy and her mom were so patient with me as I placed the white sheet (her mom and my daughter held it, it was so helpful!) and I tried to place Joy and figure out how to do this....  And then... and then, I had to photoshop the white sheet out because it looked better to have a faded street view.

 This one had the white sheet and I felt like it was too obvious... but I think I need more time to look at it and think about it.  Maybe put a frame around it?  Or make it look like it is peeling into our world?

 I love the props and thought Joy put into what she wanted to do and bring!  I really enjoyed working with her and hearing what she wanted to do.  It felt more like a collaboration and I appreciated knowing what she wanted!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Colorado Family Portraits, Amanda and Colby

This little girls has totally captured my heart!  Since the first time I met her, I was taken.  It helps that on her first year pictures, she cooperated and held my hand, waved at me and smiled a whole lot!  Now she is three and I'm just not sure where all the time has gone.  She is still just as delightful and absolutely wonderful!
 Such a sister thing - 'let's go this way!'  'no I want to go this way!'  'come on, this way!'  Pull, tug, pull, fall over and start again!

 I love the kissing pictures!  The girls however could have cared less about what I was doing or what their parents were doing or what we wanted them to do.  But still, it is such a sweet moment for mom and dad!
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Prairie View High School Seniors, Phylicia

I know it is hard to believe I am still blogging High School Seniors!  That is how far behind I am!  I really don't like rushing things and I have been finding myself rushing, rushing!  I do hope to catch up and have everyone's images blogged and galleries done soon! 
Phylicia's Senior Pictures were done on a beautiful day, it was such a great fall day.  The first day we had scheduled we had to cancel because of rain, I was really worried that we may not get a better day, but I was wrong.  Phylicia was such a great girl to work with!  She was pleasant and a great conversationalist.  I love that she wanted to do pictures with her Chicago Bulls jersey (I really hope it's the Bulls!  I didn't have time to verify the jersey on google....)  I think it is so marvelous when kids bring things they like and are part of who they are.

 I loved this spot, it was such an unusual spot and had such great light and pretty colors!
 I think this is one of my favorite images!  Near one of my favorite blue walls too!

 I really wanted to stay in this spot longer, I loved the blue and orange colors.  Unfortunately, there was a man that was yelling and acting a little crazy.  He wasn't being too aggressive, until a car that he wasn't even bothering yelled back and made rude hand gestures.  Then he became a little more aggressive and belligerent.  Unfortunately, he probably had a rather large mental illness and appeared homeless.  But either way, I didn't want to risk anything happening and Phylicia was getting nervous, so we moved on.
 I was wrong, this is by far my favorite image!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Colorado Family Pictures, Sarah and Ryan

I love these guys so much!  They are always so much fun and awesome to hang out with.  The boys all have such different gears, they are all high gears, so it is like driving a race car with them!  I so much love that about them, they are so different and have such big personalities!
We went to this beautiful park on a marvelous autumn day AND so did all the other photographers and families.  When I first arrived, there were a few people there walking on the path and then it was like a Zombie flick and everyone started to stumble on over.  I had such grand ideas of vast expansive photos, but then I would have had to include everyone else that was there, so I opted to do the closer photos without other families in them.  I do have to say that the other photographers were so gracious and kept themselves and their families out of my shots, I always try and stay out of their way, but it doesn't always go both ways.  So, I was very grateful for that! 

 These guys are still so in love!  I love seeing how much they adore each other!

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Colorado Kids Photography, Forrest and Kaiden

Meet Forrest.  He is seriously adorable!  You have to admire him as he whizzes past you at a million miles an hour!  He is fast, doesn't seem to tire out and is curious beyond belief!  His smile is just as fast as he is and disappears just as quickly!  I did not actually get the fantabulous smile, but I did get some cute ones of this whipper snapper!

 I love these of him running!  His parent's thought the football might slow him down a little or bring him closer to the camera, which worked a little bit.  But just a little.  The football definitely provided some great running shots.  Oh wait, he was running already...
 He stayed in the tree for a little under 2 minutes (115 seconds to be exact.)  I took 62 pictures, I estimate that is 1.8 frames for every second he stayed put!  And even then, he was moving and going while sitting in the tree.  The second image is probably the look he has a lot!  It is that look of 'are they coming? Should I run?'

 I had to throw this one in because it represents a large majority of what I took that day.
 I love, love, love, love this image!  It is so Forrest!
 We had wanted to do pictures of the boys together and there was this bench close by.  I though if we got Kaiden settled in, we could plop Forrest down, snap a few (or 62) and hope something came out.  We opted to do the swings instead.  It was much easier.  And this folks is how you get 2 boys together - in photoshop!
 There are about 5 of Kaiden running with this seriously silly look on his face and I wanted to include them ALL, because they are ALL so stinkin' cute!!  But this is a 'sneak peak' not a reveal all.  So I had to choose 1 and I think I chose the wrong 1.  But maybe not, because this one is sooo cute....  Sigh, it is so hard to choose.

 I love this tree!  It is so textured and has perfect spots for little ones bottoms!
 Isn't he just precious??
 Kaiden had this vest his mom bought just for the shoot.  He insisted it was his favorite vest.  But he refused to wear it.  After about 10 minutes, I had this great idea to hide some of these berries in the pocket.  And that did it!  He put the vest on, took some pictures with it on and hopefully he is still wearing it - minus the berries of course!

 I love these!  Absolutely love these!  I think they are my favorite of Kaiden!